About Us

Stars Я Us is a radio station/record label. Stars Я Us will engage the audience to talent that has a voice to share with the world to uplift and entertain. The Company’s services will include the following:

  • Record Label
  • Radio Station
  • Talent Search
  • Dance Competitions
  • Advertisements

Stars Я Us will establish itself as a voice of the people by engaging the local talent to make them go from a common individual to a person that is living life going toward his/her potential. First, the Company will establish the proposed market sustainability by analyzing market trends, employment, and demographic characteristics for understanding our market.

Next, Stars Я Us will leverage the skills of its experienced personnel to develop and implement different plans to increase ratings. Then, the Company plans to provide superior management, customer service, and creativity to retain the audience base. Finally, The Company will offer different contests and maximize on the following services we will provide which are:

Talent Search: Stars Я Us plans to invest time in surveying the surrounding areas for new talent. We will leverage the expertise of personnel who have a strong music background.

Dance Competitions: The Company plans to hold dance competitions for dance teams that have a passion for the art. The idea is to provide an opportunity for people to share their skills with others.

Record Label: Stars Я Us plans to hone the skills/talents of its clients and provide mentorship for them. The mentorship will be to help them to stay out of trouble and to prevent them from blowing the money they receive too quickly. The goal is to help our clients enjoy their passions/talents and encourage them to better manage finances.


Radio Station: Stars Я Us will play music that is from our clients first. The radio station will be an internet based radio station where the DJs will be stationed in different satellite locations. We also have advertising packages that may work for your budget.

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