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here are the parts of Stargell Enterprise:

Stargell Enterprise

Strategic Investors

Stargell Enterprise
Strategic Investors is a commercial real estate investment company that focuses on the following property types at the moment:
Apartments – 50 units or more
Self-Storage – 60 units or more
Hotels/Resorts – 50 keys/units or more
The areas and surrounding areas in which we invest are:
Atlanta, GA
Huntsville, AL
Destin, FL
Hawaii (Kauai, Maui, and Oahu)
Virginia Beach, VA

If you have a deal that fit the general criteria contact us and we can examine and see if it fits what we are looking for.

Southern Bliss

Stargell Enterprise


Southern Bliss is a night entertainment establishment that serves Spanish, American, Soul Food, and Vegan cuisines.
Be sure to catch us on our special nights for a night on the town:
Open Mics
Jazz Nights
So come on down and enjoy a good meal and time with us.

So Klean

Stargell Enterprise
So Klean is your spot to help you feel, look, and be klean on the inside and out.
Our spa has the amenities that can help you release stress and expel toxins from your body.
Our hair stylist and barbers have the ability to make you look stunning. Whether it is getting your hair and nails done, hair cut, or getting your eyebrows arch, you can be sure we will take care of your stylish needs.
So Come In And Let Us Get You So Klean.

Stars Я Us

Stargell Enterprise
Stars Я Us is a radio station/label that serves as the voice for the people. We are your station for Latin, Jazz, Neo Soul and R&B/Hip Hop.
Through our label, we produce stars that look forward to share their talent around the world.
So be sure to tune into Stars Я Us, and we will be coming to a radio near you.

Simple Solutions

Stargell Enterprise
Simple Solutions is an engineering firm that attack problems in the areas of medical, technical, and defense. Simple Solutions has a mission to be the engineering solution manual to the world.
So if you would like to join our team or have a problem/project that needs to be solved, contact us , your access to an international solution manual.

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