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About Us

So Klean is a company that is a sector of Stargell Enterprise LLC that is focused on services in the Health/Beauty industry. The Company will likewise examine markets and properties that meet its high standards for investment return. The Company’s services will include the following:

  • Spa
  • Hair/Beauty
  • Wellness Education
  • Pedicures/Manicures

So Klean will enter into the beauty/health industry by going through our proposed strategy. First, the Company will establish the proposed market sustainability by analyzing market trends, employment, and demographic characteristics that are facilities would be located. Then, the Company plans to provide superior management and customer service to retain customers and stylist within our locations. Finally, the company will provide the following services:

Spa: So Klean plans has a full spa facility that would include a sauna, skin exfoliation, massage parlor, and more. The Spa will have all the amenities to help one to detox and feel rejuvenated.


Hair/Beauty: The Company will provide customer an ability to enhance the beauty that is within through our expert stylists and barbers. Services would include things like hair styling, lashes, makeup and more.


Wellness Education: So Klean plans to partner with Living Against The River in order to provide clients with ways to help preventive techniques as well as natural ways to rid the body of infirmities to address the rising health care issue.

Pedicures/Manicures: The Company will have stations that would provide the state of the art service in regards to pedicures and manicures.

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