About Us

Simple Solutions is an engineering and technology company that specializes in capitalizing on unique opportunities in the Defense industry. The Company will likewise examine other types of contracts that meet its expertise in being able to solve. The Company’s services will include the following:

  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics Based Applications

Simple Solutions will enter into the Engineering and Technology Industry with the following plan. First, the Company will establish the proposed market sustainability by analyzing market trends, employment, and demographic characteristics. Next, Simple Solutions will acquire experienced personnel to be in place for different contracts that will be in the funnel. Then, the Company plans to provide superior management and customer service to obtain the requirements, funding, establish open communication, and equipment necessary to complete the task. Finally, the company will complete all the task in the period of performance and try to give more than expected. The following areas we look to address are:

Engineering: Simple Solutions plans to execute a plan to address and seek out areas that deal with engineering applications such as hardware.


Technology: The Company will manage its approaches to technology problems and follow the Technical Readiness Assessment guide to determine maturity of system/software.


Biology/Chemistry: Simple Solutions plans to address the different biological contracts that have the potential to help develop the human race and improve quality of life.

Physics Based Applications: Simple Solutions plans to leverage the expertise of our employees in utilizing physics in our models and simulation and software development as needed.