About Us

Stargell Enterprise is an existing company that has 5 different sectors that deal with different markets. The 5 sectors also help enhance each other in some fashion. It is this interdependency that gives Stargell Enterprise its competitive advantage. The Company’s sectors will include the following:

  • Strategic Investors
  • Southern Bliss
  • So Klean
  • Stars Я Us
  • Simple Solutions


Stargell Enterprise is a company that is built into 5 phases also known as sectors. Each sector has a particular industry that it will cover. Stargell Enterprise have a business plan for each of the sector in which people who have interest can view each sector more in detail. Below is a summary of each division of Stargell Enterprise.

Strategic Investors: This division is the real estate management and investment Sector. The states of focus are: Alabama (Huntsville), Georgia (Atlanta), Florida (Destin), Virginia (Virginia Beach), and Hawaii (Maui, Kauai, and Oahu).


Southern Bliss: This division is the restaurant and night club Sector. Southern Bliss is mainly a Spanish/American restaurant. Stargell Enterprise will utilize this sector to market to the markets: Salsa/Latin, Jazz, and Open Mic/Comedy


So Klean: This division is the Spa and Beauty Sector. Stargell Enterprise will focus on the development of the marriage between a hair salon and spa. This sector acts as a person one stop shop for their beauty and hair needs.

Stars Я Us: This division is the Radio Station/Record Label Sector. Stargell Enterprise uses this medium to help cut down the cost for advertisement since it is an avenue in which the other sectors can be advertised as well. With the record label, The Company is able to help get the average individual an opportunity to share their talent to the world.

Simple Solutions: This division is the Engineering Sector. The slogan of Simple Solutions is that we are the world’s engineering solution manual. Stargell Enterprise will be able to conduct its own construction for the Strategic Investors ventures as well as tackle Defense and Biotech problems.

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